First Visit

At your child’s first visit we will review your child’s health history, do an initial exam, cleaning and secure x-rays if needed and formulate a treatment plan for your child’s care. Please feel free to ask questions.  We do provide adequate time at first visits to answer parent’s questions.

Parents in the Room

We allow parent’s to be present in the room during your child’s visits.  We always do a “show-tell-do” before any treatment.  We do require that the parent not speak to the child during treatment.  A child will typically respond to your voice and turn to look at you.  If instruments are in the mouth, a poke may occur and the visit becomes negative.

Be Positive!

Please DO NOT use the words “shot, pull, yank and drill” in preparing your child for their visit.  We use kid friendly terms such as “wiggle for the tooth fairy" and "push and squeeze with sleepy medicine”.  Negative words bring fear.

Our Forms

If you want to speed up the paperwork on your first visit, please print these forms and bring them into the office already completed.


Great Resources

The following resources have great articles and information on Pediatric Dentistry:

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