We Review Your Health History in Our First Visit

What can you expect on your first visit?
At your child's first visit, we will review your child's health history, do an initial exam, clean and secure x-rays, and formulate a treatment plan for your child's care.

We follow the American Academy of Pediatrics and American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry's recommended Age 1 visit to establish a dental home. You will be given literature on dental development, diet, oral hygiene, and trauma.

Not all appointments are successful. After reviewing all aspects of your child's needs, Dr. LaDue will consult with the parents on treatment needs and treatment options (local anesthetic with Nitrous Oxide, sedation in the office, or general anesthesia at our outpatient facility).

Please feel free to ask questions. We do provide adequate time at first visits to answer parents' questions.

We allow parents to be present in the room during your child's visits. We always do a "show-tell-do" before any treatment. We require that the parent not speak to the child during any treatment. A child will typically respond to your voice and turn to look at you. If instruments are in the mouth, a poke may occur, and the visit becomes negative.

Smilies Pediatric Dentistry
Smilies Pediatric Dentistry

Be Positive!

Please DO NOT use the words "shot, pull, yank, and drill" in preparing your child for their visit. We use kid-friendly terms such as "wiggle for the tooth fairy" and "push and squeeze with sleepy medicine," and negative words bring fear to the child.

How to complete the Medical History Forms:
Click on the link in Our Forms, and a new browser will open. To fill out our forms, you must answer each section; however, type NA if you do not know the answer to a question. Three pages need to be filled out to complete our Medical History Forms, located to the left of the screen, for you to select. Be sure to scroll down on all three pages because all the sections do not appear at once. Once each section is completed, select "Submit," The forms will be sent to us through a secure network.

Our Forms

If you want to speed up the paperwork on your first visit, click on the links below. You may get an "ERROR" message once you submit the paperwork. This is a technical glitch dealing with the web browser that is used. We have found that the forms usually get through even though the message appears. You are welcome to call the office to ensure we have received the forms.